See ladies playing in mud and water in wellies and sometimes playing with their food as well

Guess the mess with Sandy

Sandy dressed in her ballgown sits down blind folded and has to guess the mess being poured over her things like honey, cola, spagetti, hoops, ketchup and custard

Poppey a sticky evening

Download Poppy a sticky night from with the lovely @poppysmartmodel as she has a play in the mud on her way back from the gym in her yoga pants and wellies. she really gets stuck in to the job in hand

Tracey Lain her first time

Tracey joins the gang with her first time in proper mud. dressed in light blue tee shirt and jean and very shiny (not for long) black wellies. splashing around is the first order of the day then moving on to the deeper mud how she will cope you will have to see as she struggled enough in the shallow mud

Paige and Kate wader race

Paige and Kate don chest waders to race through chest deep water to the tree with very soggy  consequencies. Flooded waders are hard to walk in!!! showing at the end just how wet they got

Angel in White

Angel returns in this release in her white jeans and yellow wellies, she wants to see how muddy she can get, she is a tease and talk you through all that goes on as she gradually walk in to shallow mud, eventually sinking into the mud and filling her wellies with dark black mud then she lifts her legs out of the mud and lets it pour out again.

Bonnie Leather and Mud

Bonnie takes to the mud in her leather jeans and jacket, and for something different she has decided to wear leather boots again. take a look at the muddy mess she gets herself in

the Catwalk model and the mud

This is what happens when a cat walk model comes to play in the mud with us, dressed in jean sweatshirt and joules wellies, Elena trys to keep her dignity in the mud, fallling and getting muddy as every girl does. follow her gentle stroll through the mud 

Mai, jeans, hunters and mud

Mai Ling is back and this time on the hot summers day she is just in her white vest, jeans and hunter wellies. she doesn't mess about this time and jumps right in from the begining, slowly struggling round the mud, getting deeper and deeper. her white vest soon gets muddy as well.

Amber and the dress

amber returns after a long time away too long in fact she has her wedding dress on and has bought her friend Morgan for a play in the mud. Watch her struggle in to get out of the mud as the wedding dress wieghs her down. slipping down to reveal her boobs, once she is out she has to help Morgan out of the mud falling and sliding all the time.

Diamond the tricky second time

Diamond is back to try a second bog this time Dressed in blue jeans and blue checked shirt, with Havanna wellies. there is a lot of water in this bog but she does manage to get it back to mud splashing around getting stuck, then she goes to the river to get cleaned off

Sandy and the bog

At Sandy has returned for her first time in the bog, and gets herself in a right mess. in her cotswold wellies she struggles to get through the deep thick mud, them once trough the first mud she finds more, but she cant help but laugh out loud. 

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