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See ladies playing in mud and water in wellies and sometimes playing with their food as well

Marielle learns about mud

Marielle comes to join us at a lovely chatty blonde fit toned lady. dressed in blue jeans an I ♥︎ muddy wellies t-shirt and huntress wellington boots. she has never played in mud for a very long time, but she is a very adventurous lady. watch as she starts by finding some soft grassy land and find the mud under it, then she moves to a muddy place on a foot path near by still only going ankle deep. next she moves on to mud with obstacles in it and it is getting deeper doing up her calf as she struggles. her final mud find, a dark peat mud is more fun its deeper and then it happens she goes over the top of her wellies, and she describes how it  progresses down her leg and to her toes. on her way home she rinses off in very deep water, demonstrating her pole dancing skills while washing off her bum then she tries to get her wellies off. all the time trough the 30 min video Marielle talks to you and lets you know what she is feeling and doing.

Mud bath anyone ?

For Autumns second adventure Brooke joins her again to just trash each other with mud.  Autumn dressed in a green boiler suit coverall and Le Chameau wellies doing her best farmer impression, and Brooke in Shorts, checked shirt and flo green hunter wellies, just go for it rolling around in the mud covering themselves and each other getting stuck and having fun. Brookes wellies come off a number of times showing her knee high socks that get muddy too.

Autumns first time

Brooke brought along a friend one day, she has never been in mud before but she wanted to see what it was all about. and oh boy did she find out. this is the first of 2 films she did.  Autumn dressed in a white top and jeans with Le Chameau wellies, and Brooke in purple jodhpurs checked blouse and Le Chameau wellies. no expense spared on this film.  They trot up to the mud and get in stright up to their knees Autum is a bit restrained at first but soon get in to the swing of thing throwing mud at her friend Brooke.

by the end of the film they are both rolling around in the bog laughing and giggling.  Autumn really enjoyed herself. well i think see did as see did try it again.

there is a free film as well this is Brooke showing Autumn briefly how to walk in mud.

Sasha auditions

Get both of sashas' audition tapes for a discount.

sasha with her purple hair has come to us for her audition and she gets 2 goes at it.

in her first one dressed in jogging bottoms plain wellies and a hoodie she try's her hand at walking in mud it great success, finishing by challenging herself in calf deep mud.

In her second audition tape she pushes the limits dressed in her leather trousers red wellies and the I love mud top she goes deeper than her previous time eventually going up to her knees in the thick dark mud we have come to love at

Be careful what you wish for

For a long time now Fallen Raven has be asking to come and have a shoot with us so here is her audition tape.

She takes on our bog in large yellow wellies and a suit. see how she gets on

Jamsine do you dare me????

Jasmine de launay goes to the mud to be dared see how muddy she gets????? dressed in her jodphurs low cut top and dunlop wellies, see her beautiful boobs and cleavage wobble as she struggles with the mud.

School mums secret

The school mum secret features new model Vixen a true blonde bombshell. she is an acutual school mum as well. she has never told anyone that she loves to slip on her Nora green wellies on her way back from the school run and find puddles and streams to play around in, that is not untill now as she lets you into her private secret.


dressed for the drop off in blue jeans hoodie and yealoow rain coat that all go so well with her green Nora farm wellies, you can see she doesnt clean her wellies very often.


technical note we have just started to use a follow cam and this was the first time using it so we have a bit of wild camera work getting use to it.

Chole and Jasmine welly rescue

Chole gets Jasmine to help her rescue the welly she left behind the first time she came to play in the mud for us. Chloe dressed in black jeans gray hoodie and Hunter wellies, and Jasmine in dark jeans green body hugging te shirt (very nice) and green centuary wellies, go and fight the mud to release the welly that is in the bog. do they succeed? does the bog win. find out!!!

Chan wedding dress and mud

Charn is having a few pictures taken in her wedding dress, by her friend Amy. Charn being Charn she is near to the mud pit and stumbles backwards into the mud.

trying to get out Amy comes to help her and end up in the mud with too

they start to throw around the mud poor Amy get it in the face even.

at the end you get to see them in their shorts and bra trying to get clean.

Nikki winter paddle

Nikki chick Joins the gang with her lovely amazing boobs. coming to us in November she learns how cold rivers can be but she does seam to enjoy herself greatly, sitting in it and playing around

Diamond the lady of the manor?

Diamond thinks she is the Lady of the manor. she set off on a walk to see all her land. with her wide brimed hat cream knit top, green barbour gillet and flowwing skirt, she trys to cross the mud!!!! her le Chameu wellies are covered by the Skirt but htis soon get lifted up to show her long tattoed legs. 

she get her usual muddy ness until she is a cross then heads home

Chole and jasmine summer mud

Chole has come out to the woods to meet her best friend Jasmine de Launay but she is the wrong sid of the bog and she doesnt have her wellies on. dressed in her demin skirt, knitted sleeveless top and healed chelsey boots she attempts to get to her friend Jasmine. She trugges and trugess through the mud getting deeper and deeper up her bare legs until she gets stuck in mud that is half way up her calfs. This is when Jasmine starts to help Chole, Jasmine came prepared Sort of she is wearing a her red with white spotted summer dress and rubber riding wellies, she enters the mud and then chole pulls her in deeper then they struggle for a while trying to get out. Chole gets her bare thighs muddy and jasmine does sit in the mud fgetting her bum muddy. Jasmine does have to be careful not to let her more than ample boobs out from the summer dress

Jayne winter squelch

download now form Jayne joins the team but on this frosty morning she didnt want to get too cold so she just enjoyed herself playing in the mud on the way to her horses. She is wrapped up well in her bob hat coat and le chameau wellies

poppys' running jump

Poppy takes a running jump at a muddy pool... and gets really stuck, she then spends the next 5 mins trying to get to the other side of the mud falling on her bum up to her knees in the bog. at the end of it there isnt much of her that's clean to be fair. dressed in red wellies blue jeans and sleeveless tee.

Muddy Cannon Ball

Airel taylors turn this time, she has come back to the muddy pond for some fun in her blue jeans and blue wellies. as she nears to the edge of the pond the first time she goes for a jump in having never been in this pond before. she gets herself a little stuck and worries if she can get out! She does and because she had so much fun the first time, decides to go one step further and bomb in (cannon ball) and she does a mighty fine job of it too. she splashes about a bit and does it again with a little encouragement from the camera man. all the time she is playingin the pond she is talking and laughing about herself and what she is doing and how muddy she is getting. Please enjoy this download.

Saphire wetsuit and wellies

Saphire the lady who is ready to try anything was out with us and she was persuaded to don a wetsuit and a pair of lovely  pink wellies and see how muddy she could get in them but she tells you all that during the video! she jumps in to the mud and then starts to loose her wellies telling you how it feels, she talks about her fear of it not having a bottom as well. she gets very muddy sitting down in it and and crawling on her belly, until she finally gets out

Nicola Kiss and a muddy puddle

Dressed in her overalls white tank top and wellies, nicky kiss plays in a very muddy puddle splashing around, kneeling down and dipping her tee shirt clad boobs in the muddy puddle. she seams to have a lot of fun playing in the mud!!!!!

Lottie Lalay

it's been very dry this summer and even our mud has almost dryed up. we got Lottie Lalay over to see what she could do. this is her first time with us and she didnt disapoint. dressed in Jodphurs waders and a white blouse she trys to get as muddy as she can. this lady is a bundle of fun as you will see, she trys her best to find mud by digging holes with stick and sitting in the drying mud, really showing off her lovely bum in her muddy jodphurs. you will laugh at her antics. enjoy 

Tracey the welly rescuer

Tracey take to the mud to find Diamonds wellies that she left behind in Diamond loses her wellies.

dressed in black jeans le chameu wellies and a figure hugging light blue tee she enters the mud.

the mud is soon up to her knees and she struggles her way to the place where Diamond lost her wellies. she rolls around on her back covering her boobs with mud by hand. then the hard work starts. she has to dig down with her bare hands to release the wellies from there muddy grave. the video is only 18 mins but it took her longer to get them out as she had to keep stopping to catch her breath.

Princess Bees adventure

During lockdown Princess Bee decided to have one more muddy adventure and she does know how to get muddy! dressed in blue jeans pink jumper and pink wellies, she tries to follow the brook up to the mud pool, once there she gets stuck in the only she knows how. ending up with not much being clean. 9 mins of cold water and mud fun from princess Bee

dimond loses heer wellies

During this video Diamond dressed in jeans tee shirt and hunter argyll wellies, goes for a walk through our bog and gets gradually muddier and muddier, the mud gets deeper and thicker until she has to surrender her wellies to the thick black mud coming out in just her socks

Spur of the moment river walk

Jasmine decided on the spur of the moment to christen her new Baby blue wellies with a walk in the river, filling her boots with very cold water at the river got deeper and deeper. she even tried to make some mud but not with much success, by tipping the water out of her boots. she showes off her ample breasts in her tight top and her lovely bum in her jeans.

Elenas returns

Elena the cat walk model is back, this time dressed in blue and red Jodhpurs and le cheameau wellies. she starts by testing the mud ant the edge for a while them gradually gets deeper in and fills her wellies, and slowly covers her thighs. this is a 14 min

Sandys' first mud

This is Sandys' first time in the mud dressed in black leggings, football socks, grey hoody and the all important dark green Dunlop short wellies. At first Sand starts by trying to climb a tree loosing her wellies as she swings her legs, then she leaves the tree in a not too dignified way to get her wellies back on and head to the mud. this is her first ever time in the mud and she doesn't know what to expect. as she gets near to she starts to nervously Laugh and giggle and when she steps in she stats to really enjoy herself. She slowly moves around in the mud until eventually she looses both wellies and come out of the mud in her socks. this is a 12 min video with muddy fun all the way. if you want to see how she got the wellies out then download her other muddy video

Charn & Amy muddy stablegirls

Charn and Amy on their way to the stables decide to have some fun in the mud. Both girls are ready for the Hourses on this lovley summers day dressed in two tone coloured jodhpurs tee shirts, socks and wellies. they jump right in to the mud to quite the unknown, it is not long before they are shouting out as they are sitting in the mud having fallen backwards, on to their bums.

then follows a time of trying to get out ready to get back in. At the end they spend time in the river washing off too.

Daimond waders and mud

Diamond AKA Siani Vael is back testing out chest waders in the mud and she really testes them splashing about in all the watery mud

Guess the mess with Sandy

Sandy dressed in her ballgown sits down blind folded and has to guess the mess being poured over her things like honey, cola, spagetti, hoops, ketchup and custard

Poppey a sticky evening

Download Poppy a sticky night from with the lovely @poppysmartmodel as she has a play in the mud on her way back from the gym in her yoga pants and wellies. she really gets stuck in to the job in hand

Tracey Lain her first time

Tracey joins the gang with her first time in proper mud. dressed in light blue tee shirt and jean and very shiny (not for long) black wellies. splashing around is the first order of the day then moving on to the deeper mud how she will cope you will have to see as she struggled enough in the shallow mud

Paige and Kate wader race

Paige and Kate don chest waders to race through chest deep water to the tree with very soggy  consequencies. Flooded waders are hard to walk in!!! showing at the end just how wet they got

Angel in White

Angel returns in this release in her white jeans and yellow wellies, she wants to see how muddy she can get, she is a tease and talk you through all that goes on as she gradually walk in to shallow mud, eventually sinking into the mud and filling her wellies with dark black mud then she lifts her legs out of the mud and lets it pour out again.

Bonnie Leather and Mud

Bonnie takes to the mud in her leather jeans and jacket, and for something different she has decided to wear leather boots again. take a look at the muddy mess she gets herself in

the Catwalk model and the mud

This is what happens when a cat walk model comes to play in the mud with us, dressed in jean sweatshirt and joules wellies, Elena trys to keep her dignity in the mud, fallling and getting muddy as every girl does. follow her gentle stroll through the mud 

Mai, jeans, hunters and mud

Mai Ling is back and this time on the hot summers day she is just in her white vest, jeans and hunter wellies. she doesn't mess about this time and jumps right in from the begining, slowly struggling round the mud, getting deeper and deeper. her white vest soon gets muddy as well.

Amber and the dress

amber returns after a long time away too long in fact she has her wedding dress on and has bought her friend Morgan for a play in the mud. Watch her struggle in to get out of the mud as the wedding dress wieghs her down. slipping down to reveal her boobs, once she is out she has to help Morgan out of the mud falling and sliding all the time.

Diamond the tricky second time

Diamond is back to try a second bog this time Dressed in blue jeans and blue checked shirt, with Havanna wellies. there is a lot of water in this bog but she does manage to get it back to mud splashing around getting stuck, then she goes to the river to get cleaned off

Sandy and the bog

At Sandy has returned for her first time in the bog, and gets herself in a right mess. in her cotswold wellies she struggles to get through the deep thick mud, them once trough the first mud she finds more, but she cant help but laugh out loud. 

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