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See ladies playing in mud and water in wellies and sometimes playing with their food as well

Raven and Charn in Waders

Raven and Charn have a race in their waders to see who is the quickest to get across the river and stay the driest. See them put on their waders, and the get wet then at the end they take them off to see who is the wettest

A walk in the fields

So Charn and Bonnie have gone or a walk in the fields to see if they can find any muddy puddles to splash around in, and they do, as they a walking they ar just chatting to each other as ladies do, Charn is wearing blue jeans and a light blue soft shell jacket with very heavy black steel tocaped boots (which give her a supprise part way through) and Bonnie has her favorite black ripped jeans and gray hood on along with Le chameu wellies

This is Arabellas' second film for us. she is dressed in tight jeans and a puffer jacket with Le Chameau wellies. she is finding it hare to stand up in the mud and keep landing on her bum leaving a big bum print in the mud and getting her arse dirty at the same time. then she decides to jump into the mud, laughing all the time and really loving what she is doing, then she moves off to a second to do the same again. This video is over 8 mins long

Arabella jumps

Georgia goes for a stroll

Kayla in waders

Raven get stuck

Brooke in a Suit

Georgia tall wellies

Arabella Joins the team

Booke Fills her wellies

Mud Pie

Charns waders

Olga gets muddy

Charn and Raven return

Rascal returns

Joleen get muddy

Angel is Back

Brooke and the bog

of eternal stench

Kayla's first time

Roxi gest messy

Brooke waders & mud

Charn & Raven splash around

Joleen cools off

Introducing Ariel Anderssen

White Angel

Kaysy mother of the bride

Brookes' first time

Beau wallows

Nicola b in her rainsuit

Kaysy mud hunt

Rosie riverwalk

Vickie splashes in mud

Beaus' muddy dress

Nicola B first time

Charn returns

Bonnie in her rainsuit

Bonnie test the mud

Raven messy wellies

Beau learns about mud

Paige gets Very muddy

Paige new rain suit

Beau first gunge

Charns' new wellies

Bonnie luntime walk

Nicola and Amber return

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