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See ladies playing in mud and water in wellies and sometimes playing with their food as well

Bee the mucky puppy

Bees back and this time gets very muddy indeed, dressed in he jeans and jumper, now she has the taste for mud there is no stopping her, with here picture wellies on.

Diamond theres awaly a first time

Diamond comes to join the happy gang at she has never done anything like this before, but give it a try I think the leather jacket is a bit of a mistake tho. her dark blue jeans are a dream hungging her bum, along with her Joules wellies she looks the part and she splashes around in the mud. wait till the end for a lovley muddy face as she keep jumping in

tilly welly rescue

when we left Tilly she had lost her hunter argyll welly in the deep mud, well she was aloud to leave it there, after she had changed i sent her back in to the mud to get the welly out, this time in pink wellies by joules. they didn't stay pink for long i can tell you. and her yellow shirt didn't stay yellow either as she stared to roll around in the mud covering her ample boobs in mud, then she looses another welly which she as to dig out for good measure. she finished off with a little chat to camera.

Tilly the mud hunter

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Tilly dressed in her jeans tee shirt and Argyll black wellies by Hunter has come for her first-ever trip in the mud to us. this is also new mud for us too. she starts in the shallow mud finding it very sticky and sucking at her feet, she is being directed by us to go for the wet bits, then she moves to the next bit of mud straight up to the tops of her wellies.

she wades through from one deep pool to the next where she struggles to keep her welly on but fails with her socked feet getting very muddy indeed.

Charn & Simone mud wrestle

this is the second film with Charn and her real life Sister Simone, and bot do they get muddy trying to get each others face deep in the mud. Charn is wearing jeans and pink wellies and Simone is wearing beige trouser and black Argyll wellies by hunter, but after the first 30 seconds you cant tell. so down load now and see who wins

Charn winter walk

Charn takes her red hunter wellies for a walk in the woods, dressed in leggings and puffer jacket she splashes about in the muddy puddles she finds.

royal mud

this is the first of what we hope to be many shoots from Princess Bee. Dressed in a redand black check shirt, black skinny jeans, bobble hat and arglye wellies by hunter, she comes to the mud to have her first load of fun. she really does hold back on this video.

Charn and Simone Sisters

we all know Charn and how she always gets stuck in when ever she comes to the mud pits! well she asked us if she could bring her sister Simone with her. and of cause we said YES. watch as Charn shows her the ropes. Its not long until they are getting into it well and proper, there isn't much that is clean by the end of it.

Mai Ling wetsuits and wellies

Mai Ling dons her blue and black wetsuit and hunter wellies to play in the mud once again jumping in at the start and gets very stuck from the beginning. she wades around and get out laughing and talking to me as she does. see her smile and her wellies 

Paige and Kate mud bath

Paige brings Kate to her first muddy adventure. the begin in the nursery mud that is only upto the ankles getting their wellies muddy by splashing about Paige tries to get a boot print on Kates back, then they move on to the bog they get progressively muddier until Kate gets covered and Paige isn't far behind. by the end you cant tell that Kate is wearing hunter wellies.

Treasure hunt

Ariel joins us after following a link on twitter to a cash prize watch her try and get the money that is hung over a bog, every time she try's to grab it the money moves out of her reach until she is muddy enough in her pink lounge suit and rainbow wellies.

Sandys' river walk

Sandy comes for her first ever shoot with us at and goes for a river walk in November, dressed in her new Nora wellies jeans and hoodie she splashes her way through the puddles until she gets to the river where she just has to have a paddle or two, eventually getting in water up to the top of her legs. finishing with a water emtying, smileing and laughing all the way

Brooke and Katrina

So Brooke and Katrina return but this time together on a lovely summers evening to have some fun together playing in the mud trying to get each other muddy, they keep getting stuck and once their hunter wellies fill up with mud and water they find it even harder to get around the pool.  both of them are dressed in bum hugging Jodhpurs and hunter wellington boots.

Electric mud suit

Electric is testing her rainsuit to see if it keeps out the mud!

she starts by jumping into the mud then over the next few mins she continues to rub in the mud to her suit until she is covered in mud. she has paired her rain suit will a pair of Joules wellies with roses on them

Kayla the glam farmer

Farming is always said not to be glamorous, so Kayla tries to prove that wrong, dressed in her jean wax jacket and le chemeau wellies she go to check for mud, and to see how deep the water is in the stream, in the only way she knows how walking through it. but all doesn't go to plan. not only doesnt she find any propper mud she finds a new way of wetting her pants!!! this is a 21 min film and well worth it

Jodhpurs and mud

Katrina on her way back from the stables decides to muddy her new hunter wellies, and she doesn't disappoint, stating nice and clean then falling ove and getting the knee of her canary yellow jodhpurs muddy to sitting in the mud and then laying on her front getting really muddy, this is great. 

Charn gets stuck

Charn has gone to play in the mud in a waterproof boiler suit and her old tired hunter wellies, as she walks through the mud it gets deeper until the mud is just about to go over her wellies!!!! she is stuck and has to have help to get out, then she carries on playing once she is free

Joleen Jodhpurs and mud

Joleen has come from the stables in search of mud. this time she has her black sparkly wellies on not that you can tell once she starts to play around in the mud. she stamps around in the mud laughing at getting a little stuck. on now to the deeper mud she gets in to this mud without thinking this time getting pretty stuck and ending up on her butt. her nice shaped butt in tight jodhpurs and then smeared in mud is a picture that will never leave your mind

Vickie double bill

Vickie is back, in her jodhpurs looking amazing jumping in and stamping around getting in mud upto her thigh, flooding her green hunter wellies. and as a special you get another short film of vickie showing what she is made of playing in the mud in jeans and hunter wellies, this time they are multi coloured wellies.

Mai Lings' first time

Mai Ling a pocket rocket full of energy comes to the bog for the first time, dressed in her summer linen trousers but she only has basic wellies with her, that soon get filled. she keep you upto date with all that is going off in the bog as her feet and socks get muddy. Enjoy and keep an eye out for her next visit

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