See ladies playing in mud and water in wellies and sometimes playing with their food as well

Joleen Jodhpurs and mud

Joleen has come from the stables in search of mud. this time she has her black sparkly wellies on not that you can tell once she starts to play around in the mud. she stamps around in the mud laughing at getting a little stuck. on now to the deeper mud she gets in to this mud without thinking this time getting pretty stuck and ending up on her butt. her nice shaped butt in tight jodhpurs and then smeared in mud is a picture that will never leave your mind

Vickie double bill

Vickie is back, in her jodhpurs looking amazing jumping in and stamping around getting in mud upto her thigh, flooding her green hunter wellies. and as a special you get another short film of vickie showing what she is made of playing in the mud in jeans and hunter wellies, this time they are multi coloured wellies.

Mai Lings' first time

Mai Ling a pocket rocket full of energy comes to the bog for the first time, dressed in her summer linen trousers but she only has basic wellies with her, that soon get filled. she keep you upto date with all that is going off in the bog as her feet and socks get muddy. Enjoy and keep an eye out for her next visit

Nicola kiss returns

At long last Nicola Kiss returned for a play in the mud on her own, this is the first of 3 films she did for us last year, this was her first back in the pool in her swimsuit jodhpurs and hoody paired up with some lovely black hunter argyll wellies, she does a good job of getting very muddy sinking into the mud up to her thigh. we hope you enjoy her return


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